UNLA-Utah Green Landscape Water Policy Statement

1. The Green Industry of Utah recognizes that in the urban areas the landscape is the environment, and thus should be fostered and maintained. Quality of life issues should be carefully balanced with other factors when considering landscape management.
2. The Green Industry of Utah supports the concept that water can be conserved through proper management, with or without changing the plants in the landscape.
3. The Green Industry of Utah supports individual freedom to choose landscapes and plants based on personal choice and whether or not to purchase the necessary water to maintain them.
4. The Green Industry of Utah encourages education and appropriate water pricing to insure a proper balance between conservation and beneficial use of water.
5. The Green Industry of Utah advocates water conservation throughout the Green Industry and encourages all water users to share the burden of conservation.
6. The Green Industry of Utah recognizes that properly managed landscape irrigation is a beneficial use of water and encourages everyone not to waste water through excessive or improper landscape use. It further encourages Green Industry professionals to avoid waste by certification through the Irrigation Association, the Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper program, or other professional training.

The 7 Principles of Efficient Landscape Water Management are:

Planning and Design
Soil Improvement
Appropriate Plant Selection
Practical Turf Areas
Efficient Water Distribution and Scheduling
Appropriate Maintenance